Sanyou Clay Industry Co., Ltd.

We manufacture and sell coarse powder to ultra-fine powder of clay and talc.
Elected as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Agency “Promising Small and Medium-Sized or Small-Sized Enterprises 300” in 2017 March.

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Company Outline

Company name Sanyou Clay Industry Co., Ltd.
CEO Mr. Koji Takimoto
Locations Head Office (First Plant)
840-1 Minamikata Yoshinaga-cho Bizen-shi Okayama   709-0223
Tel/ +81 8698 43121
Fax/+81 8698 43462
Second Plant
581 Minamikata Yoshinaga-cho Bizen-shi Okayama   709-0223
Fax/ +81 8698 43125
Established 01/08/1940
Employees 12
  1. Manufacture and sales of soapstone clay, kaolin, talc, sericite and gofun (oyster shells powder)
  2. Mining, transportation, processing, and sales of minerals and stones
  3. Intermediary sales of minerals, stones and processed products

Company Policy

Our Company Mission Statement
~ Deliver quality and credibility ~
1. Provide products that meet our client’s needs.
2. Always be fully committed to give our clients our fullest attention and contribute to society.

Our Quality Promise
~ Monitor, Measure, Maintain and Improve~
1. Provide products and services in a timely manner that meet and even exceed our customers’ needs.
2. Continuous improvement driven by stringent Quality Assurance processes ensuring the highest quality products are supplied by using the most up to date scientific measuring techniques and vendor management processes.

CEO Message

In 1938, my grandfather, Mr. Jitsutaro Takimoto, was involved in the manufacture of soapstone clay. He founded and set up the company in 1940. Since then, we have been manufacturing soapstone clay by wet process.
In 1960, we introduced the Raymond Mill for the first time in Chugoku-Shikoku area and started production of soapstone clay by a dry process. In 1967, we started production of ultra-fine clay by installing a Ball Mill onsite.
Our business involves a wide range of crushing process from coarse grinding to fine grinding of soapstone clay, kaolin, talc, sericite and gofun (oyster shells powder) by using both wet and dry methods.
Recently, we have been carrying out a secondary process of powder mixing, classification, and surface treatment. Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the wet process, we are crushing various minerals and stones, classification and chemical treatment. We are proud to say we are involved in the investigation and study of the intrinsic features of minerals for research and development.

Company History

1940 August Established as Sanyou Clay Factory in Yoshinaga-Cho Wake-Gun Okayama
1953 October Organization change to Sanyou Clay factory limited company
1955 May Organization change to Sanyou Clay Industry Co., Ltd.
1960 October Installed two new Raymond Mill (the first Raymond Mill in Chugoku-Shikoku area)
Started manufacturing dry clay
1961 November Established Yoshinaga second Plant to install an additional Raymond Mill
1967 January Installed four new Wet Ball Mills
Started manufacturing ultra-fine grounded kaolin (for paper coating)
1985 March Installed new production equipment of sericite for ceramic
1990 July Started collaborative R+D with Okayama Prefectural Industrial Technology Centre
2001 September Installed a new equipment for a secondary process of powder (mixing, classification, disintegration)
2002 April Started joint development with Okayama University
2008 October Started manufacturing of ultra-fine grounded oyster shells
2016 November Installed a granular supplying device
2017 January Started manufacturing fine particle size and stable composition clay
2017 September Installed X-ray diffractometer